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Tuesday Feb.13/17

Sodalite – Don’t ever be afraid to speak your truth. Speak with Love, say what you need to say. Hold Love in your thoughts as you speak the words. When we don’t say what we need to or speak our truths. Our minds become jumbled with conversations of what if, your Ego over takes you…
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Tuesday Feb. 6/17

Hematite – Do not worry, over think or over analyze every time something does not go the way you want it too. Learn to Trust the Universe and Believe you will get through. Never has anything ever stayed the same. Life is constan…tly changing and it is all part of the game. Sometimes you win…
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Monday Jan.5/15

Love is Creation. Love is a Vibration. Love is Energy. Allow Love to flow into you, through you and out of you. Stop for a moment and take a break. Breathe in deep as you read these words. Love is your Being, it brings you Light. It reconnects you to source and removes all fright.…
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Friday Dec.19/14

Today’s message comes from Kyanite- Hold on to what you dream. Desire creates more then it may seem. When you open your heart to happiness. The past releases and helps you let go of the rest. Open yourself to what can be, allow yourself to dream. What is it you desire. What will help take…
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Thursday Dec. 18/14

Releasing the past is not easy to do. You need to forgive, let go and have trust to pull you through. All that occurred helped you to grow. Rough times are fertilizer and give us the strength and will to achieve more. You choose to carry the thoughts of the past event/situation with you. While doing this…
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Monday Dec. 15/14

Well that week went fast. So much is happening and shifting all at once. I love the magic of Christmas time. It brings with it joy, love, peace, and happiness. For me life feels as if the veil is being lifted and I can see my life differntly. What used to seem important no longer…
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Thursday Jan. 22/15

Rhodochrosite – Stop for a moment and look around all the people you see have lives too. They all have people who help to pull them through. Be kind as you go about your day. All of us are just actress/actors in the play. Everyone you see on your journey is there because somewhere in…
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Tuesday Dec. 9/14

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is not known immediately. When I look back at my life I see things that I experienced or went through that made me who I am today. I learned through the experience or situation and now can help others because of it. I see…
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Monday Dec. 8/14

Today on Spirit Talks with Kelly via Skype we discussed the changing energy and how it is bringing up things from our pasts that need healed. We found together as a group we all had issues in our Sacral Chakras that were coming up for healing. We did a meditation directed through Arch Angel Michael…
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Friday Dec.5/14

Today’s message comes from Sodalite – Spend some time giving to you. Take a walk, clear your head, take deep breaths. All is shifting quickly now. Release and let go of how. Trust the Angels that surround you to bring to you what you need. All is provided if you are willing to see and…
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