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Release Negative Energy

Spiritually Guided Intuitive Healing Helps to Release negative energies
that are Weighing You Down…

About Kelly’s Healing Abilities

As a Healer, she has the ability to feel your pains and tell you what is possibly causing them on a subconscious level. She receives affirmations that may help assist you in releasing them. During a Healing Session you may experience a number of different methods of Intuitive Healing. Kelly has her Reiki level two, which she combines with her Psychic Healing Energy, Crystals, Amethyst Bio Mat, Instruments and Intuitive Massage. Past Life regression, Releasement of trapped energies, Psychic Attack cords removed, Realignment of your Energy bodies and so much more can be experienced during a single session or set of sessions with Kelly. Again this is a matter of choice as Spirit decides how much the client needs or can handle at the time.

Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions are unique to the individual. Release stored negative energies. Clear away pain, anxiety and tension. Bring yourself into a peaceful and calm state of being. Sessions are done in Private in East Ferris, On. Amethyst Bio Mat, combined with Crystals, Intuitive Healing Techniques, Musical / Vibrational instruments, Reiki, and Angelic and Spiritual Messages, make each session different from the last. $180 – the first hour. $60 – for each additional 1/2 hr if additional time is needed.

Amethyst Bio-Mat

Enjoy the benefits of Healing & overall Health after just one session
Infrared Rays penetrate deeply into the body to warm from the inside out to stimulate our system.
-Improves skin tone and elasticity
-Improves the immune
-Reduces stress and fatigue
-Removes toxins
-Relieves pain
-Connects you to your inner being
-Brings feelings of peace and relaxation
-Weight control and loss
Mediation enchancement Bio-Mat sessions are available in Astorville, ON
for $25 per 30 min session