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Month: January 2015

Psychic Guide, Trance Medium, Healer and Facilitator.

Thursday Jan. 22/15

Rhodochrosite – Stop for a moment and look around all the people you see have lives too. They all have people who help to pull them through. Be kind as you go about your day. All of us are just actress/actors in the play. Everyone you see on your journey is there because somewhere in…
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Tuesday Dec. 9/14

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is not known immediately. When I look back at my life I see things that I experienced or went through that made me who I am today. I learned through the experience or situation and now can help others because of it. I see…
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Monday Dec. 8/14

Today on Spirit Talks with Kelly via Skype we discussed the changing energy and how it is bringing up things from our pasts that need healed. We found together as a group we all had issues in our Sacral Chakras that were coming up for healing. We did a meditation directed through Arch Angel Michael…
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Friday Dec.5/14

Today’s message comes from Sodalite – Spend some time giving to you. Take a walk, clear your head, take deep breaths. All is shifting quickly now. Release and let go of how. Trust the Angels that surround you to bring to you what you need. All is provided if you are willing to see and…
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Thursday Dec.4/14

I took yesterday off. It was snowing and cold where I live. Perfect day to stay in and watch movies. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take a day off and do nothing but recharge our energy. So many people are going through such change at the present time the energy feels chaotic.…
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Tuesday Dec. 2/14

How many times have you Feared something would happen and the the total opposite has occured. Example, You feared…. you were not going to make bill payments on time. Only to have the money for them to show up at the last possible moment. Your TV breaks, you can’t afford a new one and then…
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Monday Dec. 1/14

“You never know how your day will end when you wake up in the morning.” How many times has that statement rang true for you? I know for me it has been many times, due to many different situations. I find myself saying this when things change drastically, in the blink of an eye. Have you…
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Friday Nov. 28/14

Break the patterns, change the way you preceive. All is changing around us and we will create in our minds what it will be. We all need to move forward and trust. We need to adjust our thinking and become conscious of what we are creating for ourselves through our past beliefs. We have the…
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Thursday Nov. 27/14

I keep feeling that today I need to pick a crystal and receive a message to put here. I reach into my tray of crystals, close my eyes and I picked Moonstone. Energy flows in cycles as does the Moon. Your planet follows the Moon cycles. You follow the moon cycles. Your life follows the…
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Wednesday Nov. 26/14

Today I choose to be conscious of my thoughts. I choose Love and ask for what is best for all concerned. I am at peace. This is harder then it seems sometimes. When we ask for what is best for all concerned we have to let go of what we think is best. We need to trust…
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