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Today is Nov. 24/14

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Today is Nov. 24/14

It is a Monday morning and I find Monday is always a good day to start a new project or goal. I had a client/friend (Melanie) give me a kick in the butt, last Friday.  I too have been struggling with the shifting energies lately and she told me to get blogging on my website. So, for you Melanie I am writting today. I am so grateful for the things she reminded me of and I want to share some of them with you. She said to me “Stop eating hamburger if you want a filet mignon.” She reminded me that I don’t need to struggle because I can create a better life. We all need this reminder sometimes. The time is now to start making adjustments. The shift happening on the planet is so strong and choatic now, that we really need to focus our thoughts to create better for ourselves. Instead of giving in to the Ego and allowing ourselves to choose Fear, we need to become conscious and choose Love. We can have everything we want if we choose to believe it is possible. We need to re-program our thoughts and create a better life. We need to heal our past beliefs and re-affirm our new thought patterns daily. I am going to start today and I’m going to blog here about the changes I am feeling. Lately life has felt very unbalanced and choatic. I know there are many out there experiencing similar situations. So you are not alone as neither am I. We all have our ups and downs and need to face our fears. What if the WHAT IF monster is good. What if we choose to believe that what is ahead of us is better then we can imagine. We have the abilty to choose to think better about our lives and to create better. Make today the day you choose to think positive. See the things you can change instantly as simple as doing the dishes and cleaning off the counter make a world of difference in how you feel. Let go of the thoughts that are causing you termoil and unease. Regain control of your thoughts. Affirm “I am Love and I am Light and All I need is prvided for me.” If that is all you can think then there is no time to think negative. Just one small change of thought can create the room to create better life for yourself. One small step at a time. Until tomorrow. Love, Light and Peace, Kelly


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