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BLOG # 1

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BLOG # 1

This section will eventually be filling up with messages for everyone. Some from me, some from spirit. I do not edit the messages as they come or as I type them in. For really when automatic writting, it is spirit not me giving the message. I find when I am working I am not really “there” I do not remember anything or filter the messages and the same goes for here. So please if the message doesn’t make sense to you or you find it confusing, or it doesn’t apply to you, then forget it, it obviously wasn’t for you. I want to be able to have people come here to find they are not alone on this planet. That we are all the same going through the same stuff. I am not sure as of right now as I type this, what will be eventually typed out here. So please understand this section is going to be where I just come and type and do my best to relay unconditional love for myself and others. I hope in my heart that you awaken again within yourself to the light being you really are. I would like for this web site to be able to bring light and touch those who feel lost with unconditional love.

To my Family By Choice (FBC) members, my friends, family, mentors and for those of you who have had readings with me, I sincerely thank you. For if it wasn’t for all of your feedback and encouragement and unconditional love. I wouldn’t have had the love behind me pushing to launch this web site in the first place. 🙂 So to all of you may love touch your lights and ignite you into the beings you are here to be. Aho.

EHFAR : pronounced “Eh” as in Canadian “eh”, “Far” as in Far out. It means Everything Happens For A Reason. Please feel free to use it anytime you like. I use it often. Examples of when, I stub my toe, I forget my cell phone, get a surprise, have someone stop over I haven’t seen in a long time. All the time you can use it. Hope you find places to use it too. 🙂